Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Run Log week of July 26

Week of July 26, 2010

MON: This is the first Monday I have not run following the weekend shifts. I wanted to rest for a long run tomm.

TUE: 14.5 mi
A long out and back on the Panhandle trail. Nice that the water fountain at mile 6 is finally working.

WED: 4 mi
Easy recovery run on the treadmill in the am.

THU: 11 mi
Crafton loop with dog park (hilly course). I ran in the middle of the day and although it was hot the humidity didn’t seem as bad compared to last week.

FRI: work

SAT: Dustin’s bachelor party

SUN: rest (not really needed, just some change in family plans)

Total = 29.5 miles
This was a pretty solid week despite lots of schedule changes and plans coming out of nowhere. Although it was only 3 runs, each run was efficient and it was nice putting the long run together. I am still conflicted with some race plans at the end of summer and am not sure how to approach the different training required. I want to see how the running goes over the next week or two and see how I can bump the mileage up a bit. The intentions were there this week for 30+ miles, yet it seems life can get in the way of my running problem.

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