Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Run Log August 23rd

Week of August 23, 2010

MON: 6 mi
Very easy out and back on panhandle to assess the back situation. 51:14

TUE: 4 mi
The back is getting a little better but not as quick as would be appreciated. We went to Kennywood with the girls today and left just before 1pm. Seriously one of the best days ever as a family. Scarlett stayed behind with Patricia and then Janet. My back felt a little better by the end of the day from walking.

WED: rest
No miles today and awoke with a stiff back but less pain and muscle spasm. I still appear crooked to the left and feel as though my back is bent forward. With little to no options left I decided to seek Chiropractor help. I remembered a guy that came into the ER almost a year ago who I took care of that was a Chiropractor down the street from here. After just showing up without his name and describing to the receptionist what he looked like, I left with an assessment, adjustment, and some pain relief. It felt more like the pain relief which accompanies stretching, that good flexible feel. I want to become whole again. Although I cannot say that my beliefs lie wholeheartedly with the Chiropractor field, there is something to say for someone who knows the muscles of the back and can stretch them appropriately.

THU: 8 mi
A very nice, easy paced run on the MT from mile 0 to 4. At the turn around I ran 2 miles back at a 6:45ish pace to see if my back would sustain. Much to my surprise, it felt good with no spasms or pain.

FRI: rest
A return trip to Dr. Orbach and my back feels flexible and just about solid again. I thought of running in the evening but really did not want to push it as IKEA remains the focus in 2 weeks.

SAT: work

SUN: work

Total = 18 miles
A bad week in mileage, especially before the half marathon in 2 weeks but the slight back injury left me with little to work with.

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