Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Run Log Again

Week of August 2, 2010

MON: 9 mi
I put together a nice loop incorporating an existing Crafton route, the dog park, and the ballpark river trail. It is a nice mix of sidewalk busy street running, neighborhood running, trail running, back road running, and plenty of hills.

Leg extensions, leg press, and bike

WED: rest

THU: 8 mi
Panhandle trail

FRI: work

SAT: 4 mi
Crafton before work

SUN: work

Total = 21 miles
This obviously was not a very eventful week. The gym workout really hit my legs hard. I am not really impressed with the mileage and quite disappointed I still have been unable to manage time accordingly. Also some bad news in the family did not help matters much. Not a good week with running, work, or life. However, I am grateful for my health and the capability to run even 1 mile.

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