Wednesday, June 29, 2011

epic week x 2

MON: sluggish... very relaxed flat and slow paced 4 miler

TUE: 8 miler
On the road loop around Crafton. Then exam time in the evening.

WED: 4 mile
recovery run from lack of sleep

THU: rested

FRI: 16 mile
Raccoon loop on the trail - 8 mile x 2. Very nice breathing crisp forest air again after stuck studying all week.

SAT: 10 am shift

SUN: shift

Total: 32 miles
This week was a good follow up to last, despite feeling heavy footed in the start. Some good study time was in desperate was the stress reducing trail run on Friday. No philosophical training qoutes to hand out.
My goal is to "fix" the right hip flexor.

Friday, June 24, 2011

damn good week for me Jun 13 - 19

In my world, combating the schedules of life made this week grateful.

MON: 7 mi
easy on the Panhandle out and back

TUE: 12 mi
am - 6 mi loop
pm - 6 mi loop

WED: 9 mi
Settler's Cabin trail

THU: 4 mi
easy out and back on the trail

FRI: 16 mi
Raccoon Creek trail - 2 loops around heritage and forest trails, connecting with the lake trail

SAT: work

SUN: work

TOTAL - 48 miles
strong and efficient miles