Monday, July 26, 2010

Run Log July 19

Week of July 19, 2010

MON: 8 mi
This was not a real tempo run yet I wanted to maintain a nice easy to moderate pace. That pace seemed to be a rate of 7:45. I felt really good despite working 3 shifts in a row, yet could still feel my knees and quads. This could have been a great run on fresh legs.

TUE: rest
Not sure I really needed to rest, but after beers on the porch and solving the world’s problems with my buddies last night… a little rough today.

WED: 6 mi
Nice trail running at Settlers. I began to think a little more about the next big race and redeeming myself after the marathon.

THU: 4 mi
Carlynton track. So I started with a 2 mile easy warm up at 16:01. Then I ran 1 mile with “barefoot shoes” and then 1 mile totally barefoot. My natural barefoot pace seemed relatively easy and was a 7:42. Interesting.

FRI: 7 mi
Treadmill running today! Having work stuff in the morning and family stuff in the evening left me with mid day, which was HOT. So I opted for the gym. Workout – 2 x 8:30 miles, a pair of 8’s, 1 x 7:30, and finished with a 7 min mile. Not bad and the progressive approach made for good training.

SAT: work

SUN: I intended on a 4-6 mile today but plans had to be altered.

Total = 25 miles
Another steady low mileage week left me once again short of my goal. Yet, the steady base over the past several months should hold strong for high mileage weeks hopefully to come soon. This week gave way to a great trail run, a solid moderate pace run, and some good eating.

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