Monday, July 19, 2010


For anyone who has ever been inspired, is inspired, or will be inspired from running, this is for you.

Most of us cannot run 100 miles, complete a marathon under 2:15, or train in the hundred plus mile per week range. Yet, we as runners are motivated by those that do and those that seem to accomplish what others say cannot be done. I have been running into my thirties now and continue in hopes to accomplish what others say I cannot do. It does not entail running a marathon sub 2:30 but rather sub 3:30 and not an ultra 100 in 16 hours but maybe another 50k in sub 8 hours.

If there have been times in running where simply getting outside and covering miles left you with the sense of being a on. Or, maybe you too have a case of "what if".

What if:
I train harder
Cover more miles this week
Eat a little healthier
Run softer
Train at a faster pace

What if I just run? I may not be the next Western States 100 winner, Olympic marathon trials winner, or U.S. 50k champion, but I will run and train as though my heart depends on it. Maybe I can break 1:30 again this year in the local half marathon.

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