Monday, July 19, 2010

Run Log July 5, 2010

Week of July 5, 2010

MON: 6 mi
Crafton loop. Damn hot and legs were very sore from last week’s hard run and little recovery going into 3 days work. Plus I drank beer on Fri and last night.

TUE: am: 4.5 mi
1 mile warm to backbone, 3 miles on back bone, ½ mile home
pm: 6 mi
panhandle trail out and back

WED: 6 mi
Crafton loop when Kelley got home from work. Didn’t start until 8:30pm.

THU: 7 mi
6 mile tempo with 1 mile warm up. Pace was avg 7:30 which is what I was targeting. It was a hard run after what seems like consecutive days without rest including running and work. Plus, it was hot and humid as hell even though I ran in the evening.

FRI: work

SAT: work

SUN: work

Total = 29.5 miles
Not a bad a week and certainly a milestone this year. First time I have run twice in the same day. It was a pretty hard week and the tempo on Thursday night was a tough one after training hard from three days.

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